Previous Meet the Books Events


We are holding the following face-to-face events in 2022, exploring the private/public library of Charles Fraser-Mackintosh, to celebrate the centenary of the accession of the Charles Fraser-Mackintosh collection into Inverness Library in 1921. Click on the links for more information and to book your free place.

Saturday 12th March:  Introduction: private library/public library
Saturday 26th March:  About a French Grammar (and other childhood books)
Saturday 28th May:  1874 Electioneering with Fraser-Mackintosh
Saturday 30th July:  Finding Mrs Fraser-Mackintosh in the library
Saturday 24th Sept:  Precious Pamphlets and Print Ephemera
Saturday 27th Nov:  Fraser-Mackintosh the Antiquary

To learn more about the private/public library of Charles Fraser-Mackintosh please click here: Private Library/Public Library. There are also blog posts which explore some of the private books more closely: About a French Grammar, and An T’Iasgair Bàn.